Dungeons and Dragons - Fortress of Fortunes Slot Review


IGT always try to differentiate their slot machines from their last. Whilst a lot of their slot machines might seem like they are the same from the outside in, they all have unique features that have been specifically developed. Generally, the unique features are the bonus rounds and symbols, which help players, achieve something that is close to or superior to adequate winnings.

The Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes uses the usual 5 reel setup. Where it is slightly different though is the 20 pay lines. A lot of other slot machines tend to have 25 or more pay lines. The problem with this type of layout is that the winnings will be much more frequent, but they will be much thinner. This means the value of the wins will be far inferior in comparison to the likes of the Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes video slot game.

All of the slot machines developed by IGT are extremely fast. The software is extremely high quality which means no lag should be experienced during the game play. This gives players a sense of peace of mind, so they can focus on winning as much cash as possible.

The Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes online video slot machine is based on the fantasy game that was originally created back in 1974. The originators of the game, have certainly had plenty of success with it over the years. This is probably because it is jam packed with excitement, thanks to all the warriors and monsters that were incorporated into the story.

During the game play of the Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes online video slot machine, players will be scared, excited and some times even confused. The amount of emotions that this slot machine manages to project to players is truly amazing and possibly what makes it so popular.

fortressoffortunes-screenshot3.jpgPlayers will need to head out on a search mission for the wealth of the warriors and find the ancient fortresses. On their quest, they will encounter a range of monsters which will try and hinder their progress. The quality of the players wins depends on their competence to destroy these monsters, and ensure that they do not hinder their progress in a massive way.

During the game play, players will come across a range of features and bonuses that will help them develop their bank roll to a healthy state. This includes the likes of a bonus dungeon, where they will have to battle the monster in order to achieve free spins and acquire those all important multipliers.

Along side this; players will need to settle battles in the fortresses. For those that are successful, they will be awarded with more free spin bonuses and huge multipliers, sometimes as big as 20 times the original win. This can amount to huge amounts of cash and can elevate a player’s bank roll to something of a healthy size!

And the best thing about the Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes online video slot machine is that everyone can get involved. With a minimum per line bet of 0.01 and a maximum of 5.00, players can bet up to 500.00 per spin. This means that the developers have catered for every single player that plays online.

When betting, players will need to determine just how many coins per line they will be betting. The developers have chosen to ensure that there is plenty of variation by offering players the chance to bet a minimum of 1 coin for each active pay line. On the other hand, risk takers can bet anything up to 5 coins per pay line, in order to acquire that big win!

The win ratio on the Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes online video slot machine is fairly high. Of course, players will be aiming for the biggest win possible, which is set at 12,500 for each line that they are betting on!

Dungeons and Dragons Slot

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